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More functional reliability

The most modern process technologies are used for manufacturing from incoming goods through to despatch. The introduction of the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management system has meant significant improvements in reproduction reliability. This reliability helps you to remain competitive in future and to count on the outstanding quality of the products. Some products are not rated "good" and "excellent" according to the strict criteria of the German consumer
association Stiftung Warentest for nothing.

Product diversity


High-quality one-component silicone sealants.
The areas where sealants are used are as diverse as the areas of our daily life. MARSTON-DOMSEL manufactures a variety of technically highly developed sealants worldwide for trade and industry


Instant adhesives: various types and viscosities.
Humans were gluing things long before we knew of screws, rivets, soldering and welding. Gluing is one
of the oldest joining technologies known to mankind. Nowadays, MARSTON-DOMSEL high-performance adhesives ensure successful connections in almost all fields of industry which offer security even under the toughest conditions of use.


Bolt retainers, bushing and bearing fasteners, pipe thread sealants, surface sealing
Loose bolts, for example, can have fatal consequences in vehicle construction, for railways, aeroplanes
as well as in engineering (turbines, pumps, construction machines etc.). That is why MARSTON-DOMSEL safety products play a major role in all areas in which vibration occurs and safety and quality play a
major role.


The new generation of MARSTON-DOMSEL high-performance adhesives and sealants offers outstanding functional properties even on the most difficult materials. The fixings specialists prove their strength wherever conventional sealants and adhesives can no longer fulfil the demanding requirements.


MARSTON-DOMSEL offers customised solutions for a wide variety of applications and repair tasks, regardless of whether they are in the professional industrial sector or for private purposes.


Dosing guns, capillary nozzles, dosing nozzles
MARSTON-DOMSEL offers a complete service - from consulting on technically highly developed sealants,
anaerobic liquid plastics and adhesives to technical equipment.