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MD Activator No. 9 for CA adhesives

Cleans and degreases parts and accelerates the hardening of CA adhesives. Bonds within 1-4 seconds depending on the CA adhesive as well as the gap between the parts and the room temperature.

Art.-No. MAC.A9.Y150 | Packaging unit 6 spray tins á 150 ml

 ND MAC.P7  

MD Primer No. 7

PP, PE, silicone and Teflon® cannot be bonded together without prior treatment. Bonding materials only with adhesive and not with a primer achieves adherence but no firm bonding. The primer permits polyolefins (polyethylene, polypropylene), PTFE, silicones and other difficult-to-bond materials to be bonded together.
Apply a thin layer of primer to the surfaces to be bonded and allow to dry for several seconds. Apply the adhesive and press the parts together. Bonds after 1-2 minutes. Final hardness is achieved after 24 hours.

Art.-No. MAC.P7.Y15 | Packaging unit 25 glass bottle with spray head  á 15 ml
Art.-No. MAC.P7.F15 | Packaging unit 25 glass bottle with brush á 15 ml

 ND MAC.Y15  

MD Hardening accelerant

Marston-Domsel’s hardening accelerant ensures even faster hardening of MG-GLUE instant adhesive. Mainly use for instant adhesives with higher viscosities.

Removes contamination and oil/grease from surfaces to be bonded using a product such as Marston Cleaner. Apply the MD-activator for CA by spraying it on to one surface to be bonded. Apply adhesive to the other side and press the parts together immediately.

Art.-No. MAC.Y15 | Packaging unit 25 glass bottles with spray head á 15 ml