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 MD MS Polymer

is a high-quality MS POLYMER-based adhesive

ND polymer alle

  •     Isocyanate and silicone-free
  •     Can be painted over or coated
  •     Permanently elastic
  •     Applicable wet-on-wet
  •     Resistant to UV radiation, weather, salt water and chlorine
  •     Excellent adhesion on many surfaces
  •     Rapid hardening
  •     Available in white, black, grey and transparent
  •     Temperature-resistant from -40 to +100°C
  •     (+130°C possible for short periods of 2-3 hours -
        except transparent)
  •     Processing temperature +5 to +40°C

Polymer weiss tuben

Areas of application:
Gluing metals, wood and plastics together and to each other in container construction, metalworking, apparatus engineering, air conditioning, yacht/boatbuilding, bodywork and vehicle construction, the elastic sealing of grooves and seams in areas where silicone cannot be used. (Silicone contamination when painting)

Art.-No. MMS.K290, grey/MMS.K290-W, white/MMS.K290-S, black - unit 20 cartridges á 440 g    
Art.-No. MMS.K290-T, clear - unit 20 cartridges á 300 g
Art.-No. MMS.W.T60, white - unit 10 tubes à 120 g


is sprayable sealant and seam sealer in one. Sprayable seam sealer for overlapping plates and welds in the original structure. Good adhesion to metals (zinc, aluminum, steel), primed and painted metal, wood materials, many duro-and thermoplastics. MD-MS Polymer sprayable adheres to most substrates without priming and primer

 ND polymer spritzbar

A product for two applications

  • Sound inhibitory effect
  • Solvent, isocyanate and silicone-free
  • Very good UV-resistance and aging stability
  • Spray and spreadable
  • Painted over immediately (wet-on-wet)
  • Permanently elastic after curing
  • Minimize the formation of cracks in the paint
  • Improved stone guard
  • Resistant to mechanical damage
  • Rapid skin formation
  • Vibration absorption
  • Silicone and isocyanates
  • Be spot welded in an uncured state

With a fast painting over the curing is not prevented but delayed.

Art.No.: MMS.G.S450 - Unit 12 cartridges á 450 g  

MD MS 2K Polymer  

 ND 2K polymer alle
  •  Rapid hardening due to 2 K system
  •  Hardening without humidity even with large surfaces
  •  Isocyanate and silicone-free
  •  Can be painted over or coated
  •  Permanently elastic
  •  Applicable wet-on-wet

Resistant to UV, weather, water, damp and chlorine. MD MS 2K Polymer adheres extremely well to many surfaces in most cases without primer. Its temperature resistance range is between -40°C and +90°C. Shore A Hardness 40 DIN 53505.
Complete hardening after four hours – conventional MS Polymer (3 mm) in 24 hours. Handling with standard silicone guns.

Packaging: Art.-No. MMS.2K.G unit 12 cartridges á 400 g | MMS.2K.G.S400 unit 12 double cartridges á 500 g