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MD activator No. 11 for anaerobic liquid plastics

Marston-Domsel’s activator for anaerobic liquid plastics speeds up hardening even at low temperatures. Larger gaps can also be bonded.

  • Economical in use
  • Easy to handle
  • Comes in a practical spray tin

MD activator should be used below 5°C (ambient temperature).
Apply anaerobic product to one side. Activator spray on the other side and assemble the parts. When soiled surfaces it may be necessary to repeat the treatment. For porous surfaces may require a second activation. Allow to evaporate the solvent. Stick no later than seven days after activation.

MD activator No. 11 accelerates the hardening of:
MD screw retention
MD bushing- and bearing retention
MD pipe thread sealant
MD surface sealant

Art.-No. MAC.A11.Y150 unit 6 spray can á 150 ml