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MD MS Windsrceen Adhesive

Permanently elastic damp-hardening single-component sealant and adhesive for constructive connections which require a high degree of stability. The new MS polymer technology (modified silane polymers) combines the advantages of different sealants and adhesives such as PUR, silicone, acrylate and butyl rubber in one product. Silicone and halogen-free. Environmentally friendly, contains no isocyanates and
is solvent-free.


  •  Outstanding bonding characteristics - even without primer – to metal, glass, plastics,
     paints, primers, wooden materials and mineral-based surfaces.
  •  Remains elastic even within the temperature range of -40°C to +120°C after hardening
  •  Does not shrink, vibration-resistant, cross-links neutrally
  •  Odourless and fast-hardening
  •  Can be painted over immediately wet-on-wet with acrylate and dispersion varnishes
  •  UV and ageing-resistant

Gluing vehicle windscreens, gluing and sealing sunroof systems, constructional gluing in bodywork, container, wagon and vehicle construction, sealing weld seams, floor and connecting joints, if necessary also on wet surfaces, gluing corner profiles (window construction) and floor structures, ventilation and air conditioning technology, apparatus engineering, plastics technology and structural and underground engineering.

Packacking units: Art.-No. MSK.K290.K290 - 12 cartridges á 420 g

 ND MAC.SP.Y38 MD Black Primer

This was developed as a black pre-treatment for glass that has not been ceramically coated to offer UV protection. To be applied before the use of special adhesives for bonding (including PMMA and PC) in the automotive, bus, shipbuilding and rail industries.

Areas of application:

  • Pre-treatment of glass substrates without chemical coating
  • Repair of damaged coats of varnish on metals

Packaging units: 6 tins á 38 ml