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Liquid metal epoxy resin base

MD MET liquid metal repairs incorrectly drilled boreholes, cracks and broken threads on metal,
wood and plastic.

  • Fills cracks and holes
  • Universally applicable
  • For on-the-spot repairs

MD MET is easy to apply.
MD MET is high-strength and is temperature-resistant up to 120°C.

Application examples:
Repairing incorrectly drilled boreholes, flaws and all cracks in metal, wood and plastic. Mechanical working is possible after a short time. Parts can be ground, milled, bored and painted over.

Working instructions:
 The bonding surfaces must be clean, oil and grease free (e.g. with Marston Cleaner). Excellent results are obtained by a mechanical roughening of the adhesion surfaces. (50 g Insert the cartridge into the dispensing gun and then close.) Twist off cap, attach and tighten the mixing nozzle. Push the material out 50 g with the dispensing gun) and discard the first 2 g, as they are not yet mixed at 1:1. Setting time can be curtailed at high temperatures. Join work pieces together and fix. Store opened cartridge in a cool, dry place.Mechanical working is possible after 30 minutes. Final hardening occurs after 24 hours. Do not work at outdoor temperatures below 5°C. Replace the closure on the cartridge after use.

ND met 

Packaging units:
MPO.S25  14 dual injection á 25 g | 8 dual injection á 25 g, blister card
MPO.S50  12 dual injection for pistole á 50 g