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 ND header tapes
 ND acryltape


is an extremely strong double-sided adhesive tape. For durable adhesion, mounting and securing in interior and exterior areas. Transparent. Attaches securely and durably to almost all smooth surfaces such as metal, ceramic and glazed tiles, plastics, glass and wood. Ideal for mounting brackets, plates, hooks, storage elements, etc. Does not damage surfaces. Moisture-resistant.

Areas of use: Metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, rubber and paper.

Application/instructions for use:
Object and application surface must be clean, dry, free of dust and grease. Be sure to avoid contact with the adhesive surface because this will prevent attainment of the full adhesive effect. Apply adhesive tape to the object. Pull off protective paper, apply object precisely to the desired surface and press firmly into place. Once pressed and adhered in place, object positioning cannot be corrected. Maximum adhesion is achieved after approx. 24 hours. Min. application temperature +10 °C. 2 cm long strips of adhesive tape can be loaded with a max. 1.3 kg depending on the application conditions (e.g. the application surface characteristics). Not suitable for: PE, PP, PTFE (e.g. Teflon®), silicone, paper/vinyl wallpapers, application surfaces with insufficient bearing strength and surfaces with dirt-resistant coatings. Shelf life of 1 year when stored in a dry, clean and well-ventilated place at +10°C to +30°C.

Packaging: MAT.R1,5-BK unit 14 roles of 1.5 m/blister card

 ND multitape  


is a self-welding tape consisting of PIB (polyisobutylene) and rubber. Welds immediately under tension to an airless, homogenous insulation without temperature and pressure.

MD MULTI-TAPE is non-sticky and easy to handle and apply

  • clean removal after cutting open
  • for insulating and impregnating electrical components
  • protects metal pipes against corrosion
  • excellent water and ozone resistance

Areas of application:
Connections, splicings, repairs to a large range of rotary current and distribution cables up to 46 kV. Insulation, impregnation of electrical components, anti-corrosion covering for e.g. metal pipes.

With MD MULTI-TAPE, even rotary current cables up to 46 kV. can be insulated with ease.

Art.-No. MTR.R5 unit 10 roles á 5 m | Art.-No. MTR.R5-BK unit 14 roles á 5 m/blister card

 Silikon Tape

MD Silicone Tape

is a self amalgamating, insulating tape material, which forms a permanent, waterproof, UV-resistant and airtight seal when cured. This easy-to-use flexible tape stretches around uneven shapes and forms an can be used for automotive, marine, electrical plumbing, sealing, insulating and general purpose application.


  • Automotive, marine, electrical plumbing, insulating and general purpose application
  • To do waterproof seals
  • Do not use on gas pipes or connections
  • Water hose and pipe repair, weatherproofing electrical connections, bundling wires, plumbing reparations etc.
  • Can be used for electrical applications due to its excellent insulation properties
  • Compatible with a wide range of substrates

The optimal processing temperature is between 0°C und +30°C.This tape can be applied in wet, non-oily conditions, although dry surfaces conditions are suggested for best performance. Hold the tape in position and apply a complete wrap back onto itself. This initial wrap secures the tape for additional wraps. Maintain a constant stretch as you continue to wrap, making sure each new layer “half laps” onto the previous layer. The overlaps will fuse together. The end of the final wrap must be pressed down onto prior wraps, using less stretch. For pressure applications stretch to the maximum and apply several tight layers. The layers from MD-Silicone Tape begin to vulcanize immediately forming a permanent, cohesive bond within 24 hours. Repositioning is not recommended after 2 minutes of wrapping.

Art.-No. MST.T.R.1.8 unit 10 roles á 0,5 x 180 cm/blister card