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MD MK3000

Mounting adhesive with immediate inital bonding

MMK Montagekleber

MD MK 3000 is the new generation of mounting adhesives and has very strong initial bonding. Bonding of heavy parts in vertical positions and ceiling mounting. Unlike with conventional adhesives, it is also possible to bond heavy items such as stones, wood, tiles and metals to walls and ceilings with MD MK 3000 without sagging and sliding off.

  •     Immediate initial bonding
  •     Odourless
  •     Resistant to weather, UV radiation, water, chlorine etc.
  •     Quick, simple and cost-effective bonding of materials
  •     Isocyanate and silicone-free
  •     Can be painted over or coated
  •     Permanently elastic and universally applicable

Areas of application:
Bonding of metals, wood and plastics together and to each other in the construction sector, metalworking, the furniture industry, air conditioning, the roofing trade, yacht/boatbuilding, vehicle construction, bonding of wood, stone, polystyrene etc. in areas in which silicone cannot be used. Replaces conventional fixing methods  such as screws, rivets or welding.

Packaging: MMK.W.K290 unit 12 cartridges á 450 g

MD Multi Fix

Construction adhesive 

 ND multifix
  • Approved adhesive properties D4-properties
  • Achieved in accordance with EN 204 wood-/wood bonding the strain group D4 and WATT 91, tested according to ASTM D-3498, ASTM C-557 and AFG-01
  • High-strength connection
  • Very high adhesive strength. Viscoelastic adhesive with low foaming
  • Fast-curing
  • Fast response time with high initial strength after 15 minutes already
  • Special adhesive spectrum
  • Grinding and paintable
  • Weathering and aging

MK MULTI FIX mounting adhesive is a solvent-free, gap-filling, multi-purpose polyurethane. Mounting adhesive with very fast response time and viscoelastic joint.
MK MULTI FIX mounting adhesive for various applications including the windows and stairs, Crafts for fixing supports for double floors and in various applications in the assembly area and various industry sectors in specialized companies. MK MULTI FIX mounting adhesive displays various wood and construction materials, ceramics, metals, duro-and thermoplastics excellent adhesion with appropriate pretreatment of the surfaces.

Function hard after about 15 minutes. Curing time at 24 hours

Packaging: MMF.K310 unit 20 cartridges á 470 g



is a high-quality one-component adhesive and sealant for universal use. MD FLEX-PU remains elastic with high stability and can thus compensate for dynamic loads such as impacts
and vibration.

 ND puflex
  • Silicone-free
  • Can be painted over or coated
  • Permanently elastic and universally applicable
  • Applicable wet-on-wet
  • Replaces conventional fixing methods – screws, rivets or welding
  • Reliably seals seams
  • Resistant to weather, UV radiation, seawater etc.
  • Has a Shore hardness of 50 and therefore extremely good inner stability
  • Odourless hardening

Areas of application:
Bonding of metals, wood and plastics together and to each other in container construction, metalworking, apparatus construction, air conditioning, yacht/boatbuilding, bodywork and vehicle and window construction. Elastic sealing of joints and seams, even in areas where silicone cannot be worked (silicone contamination when painting). Available in grey, black and white.

MD PU FLEX is available in the colours white, gray and black.

MPU.S.K310 black | MPU.G.K310 grey | MPU.W.K310 white unit 12 cartridges á 360 g