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Construction adhesive Polyoletine
Special adhesive for PP, PE, Teflon and silicone. Easy to use. Excellent moisture and chemical resistance. For bonding, sealing and casting of PP, PE, EPDM, and many plastics. Particularly suitable for materials with different coefficients of expansion.

The product is in the ratio 1:1 resin-hardener mixed.

  • Pot life approx 2-3 minutes
  • Hand strength after 7-10 minutes
  • Final strength after 24 hours
  • Temperature resistance approx. -50°C - 120°C

Application instructions:
Insert the cartridge into the gun (50 g). Remove the cap and a small amount of adhesive to express both components flow freely. Attach mixing nozzle and apply adhesive. The bond strength is supported by good treatment. The surface need clean, oil and grease. To accelerate the curing, it is possible to heat local positions for a short time. This is only possible after the fixing time of 5 minutes.

Art.-No. MPE.1.S25 25 g unit 10 pcs. | Art.-No. MPE.1.S50 10:1 50 g unit 12 pcs. 
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MD POLY 10:1

Two-component high-performance adhesives

MD POLY is a structural, two-component, solvent-free special adhesive.
MD POLY has a very good adhesion to difficult to bond surfaces such as PP, PE, PTFE or EPDM. MD POLY has excellent moisture and chemical resistance.

The product is in the ratio 10:1 resin-hardener mixed.

  •     Pot life approx 5 minutes at 25°C
  •     Hand strength after 2 hours
  •     Final strength after 24 hours
  •     Temperature resistance approx. -40°C to + 80°C
  •     Working temperature + 10°C to + 30°C

MD POLY is specially developed for bonding polyolefins and low energy plastics such as PP and PE. A prepara-treatment with primer is not necessary.

Art.-No. MPE.S50 10:1 50 g unit 9 pcs.